Tracking your mental wellbeing

To better understand your mental health, you need to ask yourself questions, often and on routine. This is where we come in. Sensive uses psychologically backed profiling techniques to help you gain insights to your mood over time and how to improve it.

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Built around you.

Sensive is tailored to you. By having a daily check-in you’ll begin to learn more about yourself, building up an overview of your mood and learning how they impact your mental state along with ways to improve your mood and mental state of mind.



Sensive uses a psychological technique called profile of mood states (POMS) to establish your own personal profile. By simply tracking your mood states throughout the day, Sensive can establish a daily score called your total mood disturbance score or TMDS . This helps monitor your mood – which is the basis for positive changes.

Daily Journaling

By just recording free flowing thoughts, emotions and reflections throughout your day in the Sensive app, it gives you the place to establish a deeper check in with yourself. Sensive takes this information in combination with your TMDS, to create the baseline for your day-to-day life.

Atomic Habits

Everyday actions can alter our mood and emotions in any direction. To harness the positive power of these in your day, Sensive enables you to track a variety of daily actions or habits so that you can build them into a positive routine. (Coming soon)

Sensive is built around you. Our daily routine is a brief moment of quiet each day to give you time to touch base with your emotions and state of mind.

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